Coira Method

For hailstorm car repairs and for all vehicles that have sustained damage caused by bad weather without paint abrasion, Coira Srl works based on an innovative patented method that allows up to 50% to be cut on both the time needed for the work and the cost of the process, with an impeccable result and perfect restoration of the vehicles always assured.

We are willing to offer free advice and a practical demonstration that will provide proof of the level of professionalism and certainty of the result.

The Coira method
in four points

Speed, quality, moderate cost and convenience are the cornerstones of our method for hailstorm car repairs. They turn into tangible benefits for our customers that in this way can benefit from both a considerable economic savings and greater practicality, without ever renouncing the highest quality standards.

Riparazioni Auto Grandinate | Coira Srl

Speed of execution

Thanks to our experienced teams, we are able to intervene anywhere internationally in just 24 hours. Our paintless hailstorm car repair method also cuts the time required in half compared to traditional workmanship.

Riparazioni Auto Grandinate | Coira Srl

On-site repair

We carry out hailstorm car repairs directly on the premises of the manufacturer companies, the motor vehicle parks of the major domestic and foreign dealers, and at the road transport depots, in this way offering greater speed and convenience in the work performed.

Ripristino Danni Auto , Coira Srl

Guarantee of quality

Our hailstorm car repairs are carried out according to advanced and safe techniques that allow the original paintwork to remain unaltered. In this way, the repaired vehicle sustains no loss of value and complies with the standards set by the manufacturer.

Riparazioni Auto Grandinate | Coira Srl

Economic savings

Our non-invasive work allows us to preserve the vehicle’s paintwork and, thanks to the innovation of this Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) method, up to 50% of the costs necessary for the hailstorm car repairs are saved.

Repairs of hailstorm cars, Coira Srl
Dent damage removal, Coira Srl
Repairs of hailstorm cars, Coira Srl


Hailstorm car repairs, and not only!

The Coira method for hailstorm car repairs has already proven its efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality for restoring all types of vehicles damaged by atmospheric agents. Given the utmost reliability and flexibility of our method, we are able to offer the same conditions and all the experience of our engineers to automotive manufacturers looking for a complete and safe outsourced service for removing small and large damage of all kinds. To remove dents, production defects and any type of damage to the bodywork and electronic components, our method is an effective and strategic choice that allows all motor vehicles to be totally recovered quickly and with quality of execution. The Coira method is mainly designed for the automotive industry, but it is applicable to other sectors as well. The absolute satisfaction of our customers is the exclusive guarantee for the work done. The paintless repairs of hailstorm cars directly on-site at the automotive parks of the manufacturers and major domestic and foreign dealers, as well as at the road transport depots, are the pride of Coira. Our work also includes a well-tested technology in the repair of deformations of the bare metal sheet directly at the company during the production cycle so as to immediately correct pressing and assembly defects. Touch-ups at the end of the assembly line.The bare (unrefined) sheet metal repair cycle is crucial following pressing deformations of the metal body and in the subsequent sheet metal working phase before the painting cycle with the “cold” method without use of invasive equipment and chemical products.