Vehicle bodywork damage repair

Thanks to the paintless dent removal technique and a patented method for repairing bodywork, Coira Srl is the strategic partner for manufacturers, car rental firms, transportation companies and insurance companies that are looking for an efficient and always available supplier able to quickly and accurately restore all motor vehicles.

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair

Hailstorm cars

Coira Srl’s paintless dent removal service perfectly restores vehicles damaged by hail without the need to repaint. Our method allows us to cut repair cost and time in half.

Levabolli , Riparazione Danni Grandine , Coira Srl Brescia

Small dents

We are specialised in removing dents made in carparks, and during transport and storage while guaranteeing fast workmanship that brings all vehicles back to their original conditions.

Levabolli , Riparazione Danni Grandine , Coira Srl Brescia

Work on large numbers

We are partners of the major automotive manufacturers as we supply complete workmanship, from painting to electronic parts, to totally salvage production defects.

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Large-scale restoration of car damage

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair

Hail damage removal

Our hail damage removal with the PDR or Paintless Dent Removal technique service is specifically offered to both automotive companies and dealers, body shops, transportation companies and insurance companies. We are able to promptly manage any project, even large-scale work at the international level.

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair

Repair of small dents

To remove small dents, such as damage sustained at car parks, or during transportation and storage, our specialised engineers are always available on call to guarantee safe and rapid work on cars and all kinds of motor vehicles.

Total restoration of car damage

Our Smart Repair and traditional Body Shop services bring damaged vehicles back to their original conditions in a totally safe and reliable manner. From the small jobs to large-scale work, we perform complete work throughout Europe

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair

Paintwork and polishing

We provide our paintwork and polishing services on-site to assure our customers utmost speed, cost effectiveness and convenience. We work directly at the car parks of the manufacturers and major dealers, as well as at road transport depots.

Car damage restoration services for manufacturers

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair

Sheet metal working

We perform complete sheet metal working operations, from disassembly to restoration of the damaged parts, to bring the vehicle back to its original state while guaranteeing total recovery of the body.

Dent removal, Coira Srl, Hail damage repair


Our engineers are able to recognise the most important defects of the car or vehicle to then determine the best suited techniques to get a thorough restoration in full compliance with the standards required by the manufacturer.

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We eliminate any defect and imperfection, even scratches and oxidations on the body, working directly on the customer's premises which results in a considerable savings of time and resources.

Ripristino Danni Auto , Coira Srl

Small and large touch-ups

We assist automotive manufacturers to restore car and vehicle damage by providing our support in every stage of the work to be performed.

Question of quality

The Coira method

The Coira method is a patented methodology for restoring damage caused by hail without repainting, and it is proof of the expertise, technical know-how and continuous technological upgrading of our company. By using our method, we perform work with the paintless dent removal technique and we repair damages caused by hail and small dents, guaranteeing up to 50% savings in cost and time as compared to traditional processing. With this advanced paintless dent removal method, we keep the paintwork of the vehicle unaltered, and in this way the vehicle fully preserves its commercial value. We apply the Coira method to large-scale dent removal work, working directly at the customers’ sites and guaranteeing the availability of our teams within 24 hours from the call.

Absolute guarantee of the result and compliance with the manufacturing standards.

Large numbers

Large-scale work

Coira Srl is able to successfully handle also large-scale work, and offers itself as a strategic partner to all automotive manufacturers looking for a reliable collaborator to whom it can outsource work. From removal of the climate damage with the paintless dent removal technique to total recovery of any defect in the bodywork and electronic parts, we guarantee that the original conditions of cars and vehicles are restored in total compliance with the highest standards required by the automotive companies.


specialised engineers

Our teams are made up of qualified engineers who are able to perform any type of work, from dent removal to traditional bodywork.


vehicles repaired across Europe

Our operations are international and we guarantee quick, safe and efficient work worldwide for manufacturers, dealers, car rental firms and road transport companies.


automotive companies

Famous automotive companies and automotive makers have already chosen Coira Srl as their partner for support in the various work stages


years of experience

In operation since 1995, Coira Srl was established with the previous experience of its owners in the bodywork field, which is a guarantee of expertise and absolute knowledge of the sector.

An Italian company

Known worldwide



Specialised in the removal of hail damage with the paintless dent removal technique and in restoration of dents caused in car parks and during transportation, Coira Srl is headquartered in Verolanuova, in the province of Brescia. Owing to the careful management of its owners, its financial soundness and its expertise in the automotive sector, over the years Coira Srl has innovated and expanded its offer of services, winning over the trust of leading companies in the market and successfully operating at the international level. Specialisation, continuous upgrading and attention paid to innovation are the key elements of the company’s vision. Coira Srl is always focussed on satisfying its customers with an offer of complete services in step with their requirements. Today Coira Srl is a veritable partner and point of reference for automotive companies, dealers, insurance companies and transport companies that look for a punctual, rapid, safe and also economically advantageous supplier.


The value of soundness

Coira Srl is directly managed by its founders and owners who, also from the financial perspective, have always used resources they own, in this way boasting zero bank indebtedness. Thanks to its independence and financial soundness, Coira Srl is once again a safe and reliable partner for both small companies and large automotive companies around the world. Coira Srl focusses its attention on the full satisfaction of its customers and on their specific requirements. This is why it offers exclusive warranties on the work performed, offers practical demonstrations at its headquarters and handles all types of requests, complaints or issues totally free of charge.