An Italian company of international standing

Coira Srl has been a point of reference for manufacturers, dealers and car rental firms for dent removal for almost 30 years. Because of the experience gained and its collaboration with the major automotive companies, Coira Srl is a reliable and innovative company acclaimed and appreciated for its services at the international level.

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Specialists in removing dents for the full satisfaction of customers since 1975

Established in 1995 near Brescia, in Verolanuova, by Domenico Tomasoni, active for over 20 years in the automotive industry and since 1999 partnered with Mauro Fontana, Coira Srl is an Italian company appreciated also abroad. It is specialised in removing dents and in providing complete services to automotive manufacturers, dealers, car rental firms, transport companies and insurance companies. Strong roots and continous attention paid to innovation distinguish the operations of the company, which boasts long-term partnerships with

international automotive companies and in-depth technical and technological knowledge of the industry. Coira Srl has been personally managed by its owners ever since it originated. From the financial perspective, the owners have always availed themselves of their own resources, thereby boasting zero bank indebtedness. In this way, the company is further depicted as a sound, safe and reliable partner able to successfully collaborate even with the biggest automotive players around the world.

Dent damage removal, Coira Srl
Dent damage removal, Coira Srl
Dent damage removal, Coira Srl


From dent removal to manufacturer support: a history of ongoing development and qualified synergies

Because of its financial soundness and careful selection of qualified partners as specialised engineers carefully chosen based on the jobs to be managed, Coira Srl has regularly evolved over the years while always guaranteeing its customers utmost flexibility, very moderate prices and high technical know-how. Established as a body shop specialised in dent removal and hail damage repair work, Coira Srl has introduced innovations to promptly meet the demands of an increasingly evolved and complex market. Today it is a point of reference for manufacturers, dealers and car rental firms, to whom it offers complete services including dent removal, total restoration of damaged bodywork, sheet metal working and sanding, plus a wide variety of workmanship ranging from defect recover to electronic parts.


It began as a traditional body shop


Its entrepreneurial business began.


It tested and developed a non-invasive and paintless…


…repair system for damaged vehicles.


It carried out large-scale repairs at motor vehicle storage parks…


…and automotive companies in Italy and Europe, guaranteeing a handcrafted quality on industrial scale.


In May 1999, Mauro Fontana joined the company…


…and in order to further expand the business with a widespread and structured system, Coira Srl was formed. Close collaboration with the “CAR REPAIRS PROJECT” group began. It was successful in meeting the multitude of requests from the European automotive companies for work in their motor vehicle storage parks.


Backed by the experience it has gained,…


today it continues to search for new advanced technological solutions, as well as to develop its proprietary know-how.