Large-scale restoration of car damage

Stemming from its large-scale work for manufacturers and dealers, Coira Srl provides complete services for restoring damages sustained by cars, vans, lorries and all kinds of motor vehicles. From dent removal to total restoration, we guarantee quick work, moderate prices and maximum precision to bring damaged vehicles back to their initial condition.

We are willing to offer free advice and a practical demonstration that will provide proof of the level of professionalism and certainty of the result.

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Hail damage removal

Our hail damage removal with the PDR or Paintless Dent Removal technique service is specifically offered to both automotive companies and dealers, body shops, transportation companies and insurance companies. We are able to promptly manage any project, even large-scale work at the international level.

Levabolli , Riparazione Danni Grandine , Coira Srl Brescia

Repair of small dents

To remove small dents, such as damage sustained at car parks, or during transportation and storage, our specialised engineers are always available on call to guarantee safe and rapid work on cars and all kinds of motor vehicles.

Total restoration of car damage

Our Smart Repair and traditional Body Shop services bring damaged vehicles back to their original conditions in a totally safe and reliable manner. From the small jobs to large-scale work, we perform complete work throughout Europe.

Paintwork and polishing

We provide our paintwork and polishing services on-site to assure our customers utmost speed, cost effectiveness and convenience. We work directly at the car parks of the manufacturers and major dealers, as well as at road transport depots.

Support for automotive industry
production peaks

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Sheet metal working

We perform complete sheet metal working operations, from disassembly to restoration of the damaged parts, to bring the vehicle back to its original state while guaranteeing total recovery of the body.

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Our engineers are able to recognise the most important defects of the car or vehicle to then determine the best suited techniques to get a thorough restoration in full compliance with the standards required by the manufacturer.

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We eliminate any defect and imperfection, even scratches and oxidations on the body, working directly on the customer's premises which results in a considerable savings of time and resources.

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Small and large touch-ups

We assist automotive manufacturers to restore car and vehicle damage by providing our support in every stage of the work to be performed.


Strategic outsourcing
for manufacturing companies

Specialised in car and vehicle damage restoration even on large scale, Coira Srl has optimised its experience and its technical and technological know-how gained over the years to provide automotive manufacturers top quality services that are always reliable, quick and punctual. Thanks to collaboration with highly qualified engineers and the use of the most innovative and efficient car damage restoration methods, Coira Srl is able to support automotive manufacturers in any workmanship, from paintwork to electronic parts, to guarantee perfect restoration of the vehicles to their original conditions, always in full compliance with the manufacturing standards.