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Automotive manufacturers and builders are the main target of our services, but the bodywork reconditioning services Coira Srl offers are designed for transportation companies, dealers, car rental firms and insurance companies, which can find in us a solid partner always available to them.

We are willing to offer free advice and a practical demonstration that will provide proof of the level of professionalism and certainty of the result.

Bodywork reconditioning for


Car rental firms

Transportation companies

Insurance companies

Coira Srl operates in the international market by offering it bodywork reconditioning services to automotive manufacturers, road transport companies, vehicle rental firms, companies with their own fleet of cars and insurance companies. Licensee of the special Car Repairs Project® technology, Coira Srl is a specialised partner for bodywork reconditioning and the repair of any vehicle damaged by hail or having dents without paint abrasion. More specifically, to restore hail damage, Coira Srl operates according to a patented method that reduces the

cost and time of the work up to 50% compared to normal repair techniques. The method used keeps the original paintwork of the repaired vehicle unaltered, so it does not sustain any loss of value and retains its originality, total warranty and immediate availability. Another of COIRA’S business areas is the restoration of pressing or assembly defects on sheet metal not yet painted, a job in high demand and for the manufacturing companies only.

Collaboration agreements

The specialised partner for bodywork reconditioning

With approximately 53,000 vehicles restored throughout Europe in 20 years of experience and over 15 automotive brands worked on, Coira Srl today is a well-known point of reference appreciated by major car rental firms, automotive manufacturers, road transport companies and dealers spread out at the international level. The company has won over the trust of famous brands the world over owing to its technical expertise, around-the-clock availability and flexibility of the work offered. The Coira Srl team guarantees a constant presence of its corporate management in the organisation of work sites and ensures the maximum standards in terms of service quality and effectiveness of its operations. In just 24 hours we are able to send our emergency services teams anywhere internationally. These teams are made up of trained, qualified and professional staff members able to carry out any bodywork reconditioning effectively, quickly and safely.